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As a social enterprise, improving the livelihoods of the people we serve and reducing climate change effects are at the core of what drives us forward: Pay-As-You-Go solar delivers this and more...


Sierra Leone has one of the lowest rates of electrification globally, with 10% of the population with access. This is predominately focused on urban areas, with rural electrification at 1%. Easy Solar is going the distance to reach households across Sierra Leone and make solar powered energy available for all.


Despite the lack of electricity access, households in Sierra Leone can spend up to 30% of their income on alternatives such as battery powered torch lights, and mobile charging at telecenters. Our pay-as-you-go solution allows customers who previously couldn't afford energy to access brighter light and more powerful electronics, while saving on their current energy spending. Household income can also increase in many cases, as customers are able to keep their shops open longer or use night hours for other income generating activities.


 One of the greatest dividends of solar technology in the communities we operate in, are the improved quality of light children can enjoy. Unlike kerosene or dim low quality  torchlights, our products allow for children to study without eye strain or smoke, thereby increasing motivation and the likelihood of increased study hours at night. 


At the center of our ethos lies the building of motivated and dynamic entrepreneurs who seek to make a better life for their communities and the world at large. We believe that the renewable energy sector will become one of the largest employers in Africa and through our extensive network of agents we hope to be driving that charge in West Africa.